Every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas we offer a selection of seasonal meats to make your celebration even more perfect. We take orders for these meats ahead of time to guarantee that everyone can get exactly what they want and while we will also have a small section of these items in our case during this time for you to choose from it will of course be first come first serve. So we always highly recommend to place your orders in advance for these items.

Thanksgiving Orders are currently open we will be taking orders until Nov. the 20th.  Pickup days for your orders will be Nov. 23rd and 24th. We will be closed Thanksgiving day.

Feel free to call with any questions or to place an order, or you can come on in and get everything you need while receiving the best service in town.


    • Aged Prime Rib Roast –  MKT price

Prime Rib that has been dry aged for 30 days. Cut to size to fit your needs.

    •  Cajun Fried Turkey – $5.99/lb

We inject these turkeys with our homemade injection and rub them down with a house seasoning and deep fry them. They definitely come with with a slight kick.

    • Smoked Turkey – $5.99/lb

We cure our turkeys in a sugar based cure and then hickory smoke them to a perfect golden color. This turkey come out juicy and flavorful and is sure to be a huge hit!

    • Fresh Turkey – $2.89/lb

These guys are only the highest quality, Fresh never frozen and completely hormone and antibiotic free. call us to find out the perfect size for you.

    • Spiral Sliced Ham – $5.99/lb

It’s not honey baked, it’s better. Bone in and oven ready, this delicious ham even comes with a mix for the perfect glaze.

    • Boars Head Sweet Sliced Ham – $8.99/lb

Don’t let the name fool you this ham is not candy even though you’ll eat like it is. This ham brings you all the flavor of a smoked bone-in ham without the hassle of that pesky bone.

    • Boars Head Black Forest Ham – $8.99/lb

This smoked ham is smoked with beechwood imported straight from Germany to give you a rich and smooth flavor.

    • Smoked Pit Ham – $8.99/lb

This is our specialty ham, We expertly smoke this boneless ham ourselves we may carry it all year round but the holidays makes it extra special.

    • Smoked Maple Ham – $8.99/lb

Hickory smoked with the added flavor of pure maple, This sweet ham will satisfy your sweet tooth while complementing your whole meal.

    • Raw Bone-In Ham – $3.29/lb

Like all our meat we only provide the highest quality and ham is no exception fresh with the bone still attached you can cook this guy up just like grandma used to make.

    • Pork Crown Roast – $9.99/lb

Perhaps nothing is more eye appealing than a pork crown roast, your meat runs along the bottom while the bones ring around the top to show that your holiday feast is truly fit for royalty.

    • Leg of Lamb – $8.99/lb

Boneless and imported straight from New Zealand this guy will make one of the most amazing roasts you’ll ever see.

    • Frenched Lamb Rack – $17.99/lb

Also imported from New Zealand these lamb racks are versatile cut them up into chops for the grill or leave them whole for the oven either way they will just melt in your mouth. 

    • Fresh Duckling – $5.99/lb

Use it for stew, roast it whole in the oven, smoke it on the pit there’s not a lot you cant do with a nice duck nothing except letting it go to waste.

    • Tur-Duc-Kin – $80.00/each

It’s a chicken inside of a duck inside a turkey and all though that process each stuffed with a dirty rice dressing all these flavors come together to make the perfect meal.